Who we are

Best Bake develops, produces and supply custom made innovative micro ingredients for the industrial bakeries.
Our business is driven by application technology.

The expertise of Best Bake is based upon more than 30 years of experience in the field of enzyme technology and its application in the bakery industry.
We focus our efforts in research and development to come to specific performance blocks for each specific final application.

Many years are spent in building the micro-ingredients knowledge bank which continue to expand year after year. Best Bake is specialized in applying the gained knowledge in finding the right enzymes and combining the discovered synergy between those enzymes or other raw materials. In some cases it is required to encapsulate certain enzymes for the development technology . Best Bake has developed an unique system for this encapsulating technology.

Customized guaranteed

The intellectual property is protected by our 2 steps production process.

First step is the production of the nucleus and encapsulation technology. Second step is the production of customized performance blocks. Internally, Best Bake uses a coding system that guarantees exclusivity for your bakery plant.

Best of both worlds

Enzyme manufacturers create enzymes for all applications and not just for the bakery. Bakery supply houses have their focus solely on the development of bread products. Best Bake knowledge is the combination of finding the right enzymes, right enzyme combinations and the right processing such as the use of coating to encapsulate the enzymes in order to obtain optimal results. The activity of the enzyme will be present in latent form.


Encapsulated enzymes